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Our highly skilled and caring GPs and allied health team offer our patients many years of valuable clinical experience. Through a strong relationship of caring and empathy with their patients, the team at First Health Medical Centre provide expertise in: 

Nursing Services

Our practice nurses focus on supporting health checks, childhood immunisation and care plans for chronic disease patients. They coordinate and organise end to end cares among GPs and our highly trained allied health team that includes clinical psychologist, physiotherapist, podiatrist, osteopath, dietician, audiologist and pathology blood collection. 

Special Clinics

Dental Services
Bulk Billing dental services are now available in Hampton Park

FREE check-ups*(conditions apply). Inquiry within.

Diabetic Clinic
Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in Australia. Many patients are unaware of the condition in its early stages. If you have a family history of diabetes or you have any doubt about your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, please come for a free health check. Keeping blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control are essential in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Come and talk to our doctors if you are concerned about these health issues. If you have diabetes, you are eligible for free consultations with our dietician and diabetic educator. For continual care, we will also provide you with a free Glucometer for daily home monitoring of blood sugar levels. Book now!

Asthma Clinic
Many members of our community are unaware that they have asthma. Untreated asthmatic conditions or poor management of asthma can severely impair your lifestyle and work performance. We provide free computerised spirometer Lung Function test and measure your blood oxygen level to assess the extent of your asthmatic problems objectively. With the assistance of our experienced practice nurses, our doctors will help you to identify what you are allergic to and prepare a personalised Asthma Management Plan according to your need. Call us for more information.

Heart Clinic
Heart attack is one of the most common killers in Australia. Among many risk factors, untreated high cholesterol level is the worst culprit as it often leads to coronary atherosclerosis and fatal heart attack. The condition is now preventable. If any of your family members or close relative suffers high cholesterol problems, please come in and have a talk with our doctors. It is easy to keep a healthy heart. Schedule an appointment and ask for a comprehensive health check.

Weight Loss Clinic
What have you got to lose? Proper body weight is essential for a healthy body and mind. If you have any concern about your weight and feel unhappy about it, please come and talk to our doctors. We provide effective programs where Free Consultations are available from our team of medical doctors, dietician and mental health counsellor. With ongoing support from the dedicated team and affiliated Gym, your goal of weight control is achievable. This integrated service is Free under our no gap bulk-billing scheme.

Mental Health Clinic
Feeling Blue? Depressed? Feeling hopeless? Can’t concentrate? Come and talk to our doctors today. If you are eligible, we will organise 10 bulk-billed sessions for you with our friendly counsellors through the Mental Health Care plan. Our Doctors and therapist will work together with you to support you through your difficult time.

Pap Smear Service
Regular screening has meant that pre-cancerous changes and early stages of cervical cancer can be picked up and treated early. Our clinic provides this service routinely to our female patients. Please come and see our doctors if you have not had it done in the last 2 years.

Breast Screening Service

Breast cancer remains a significant challenge to our female patients and doctors. It remains one of the top fatal diseases for women in Australia.  Our doctors also provide routine breast examination and will organise a Breast Screening for those who need it at all ages.

Bowel Screening Service
Bowel cancer ranks high as one of the most common and deadly cancers, particularly among men in Australia. Talk to your doctor today if you are over 45 and have poor bowel habits. Clinical research has shown that bowel cancer screening is vitally important as survival rates improve dramatically the earlier bowel cancer is detected. 

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